Host Sponsor and Facility Tour


Conyers Center for Light & Space  
1400 Lester road  
Conyers, GA 30012
General Members Only. Associate Members free time and lunch on own.

About the Tour 

Twenty-four miles east of Atlanta housed in the Acuity Brands Corporate Campus, the Conyers Center for Light & Space features multiple classrooms and product display areas including industrial, outdoor, commercial, residential and various retail settings. Visitors will walk through the center and experience real world applications, hear from and visit with the Product Marketing teams as well as members of the Sr Management Team from Acuity who will share insight on the business environment, the company and its strategic direction. 

About Acuity Brands, Inc. 

One Lithonia Way 
Conyers, GA 30012 
(770) 860-2710  

Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) is the North American market leader and one of the world’s leading providers of lighting and building management solutions for commercial, institutional, industrial, infrastructure and residential applications throughout North America and select international markets. With fiscal year 2018 net sales of $3.7 billion, Acuity Brands currently employs over 12,000 associates and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with operations throughout North America and in Europe and Asia. 
The Company’s lighting and building management solutions vary from individual devices to intelligent network systems. Individual devices include luminaires, lighting controls, lighting components, controllers for various building systems (including HVAC, lighting, shades and access control), power supplies and prismatic skylights. Among other benefits, intelligent network systems can optimize energy efficiency and comfort as well as enhance the occupant experience for various indoor and outdoor applications, all the while reducing operating costs. Additionally, the Company continues to expand its solutions portfolio, including software and services, to provide a host of other economic benefits resulting from data analytics that enables the “Internet of Things” ("IoT") and supports the advancement of smart buildings, smart cities, and the smart grid. 
Acuity’s century of tradition, current financial strength and commitment to a sustainable future, provides them with an opportunity to grow, innovate and further capture the rapidly growing market opportunities. 

Acuity Brands, Inc. is an award-winning company. Its awards include: 

  • AD 2018 Mexico Supplier of the Year Performance Award and 2018 AD Premier Marketing Partners award  
  • IMARK 2018 Vendor of the Year Award/Canada 
  • IMARK 2017-2018 Excellence in Sales Leadership 
  • NAED 2017 Industry Award of Merit 
  • IMARK 2016-2017 Supplier of the Year  
  • Graybar 2016 Growth Award and Graybar 2016 Alliance Award 
  • IMARK 2016 Supplier of the Year Award  
  • Grainger 2016 Partners in Progress Award 
  • Border States 2015 Above and Beyond Service Excellence Award 
  • Grainger 2015 Partners in Performance Award 
  • IMARK 2015 Supplier of the Year Award