Amerex Tour for General Members

GENERAL MEMBERS, please download the presentation for the Amerex Tour.
Or for Keynote users, download the Keynote document.

General Members and Potential General Members are invited to experience a unique and exclusive opportunity to tour a 350,000 square-foot industrial setting facility featuring an up close overview of a wireless, smart lighting controls application. Discover, learn, inquire and understand how a lighting controls solution can be utilized to implement an Industrial IoT infrastructure; enhancing lighting related savings and boosting overall energy efficiency in other areas of a manufacturing facility. You will observe how pairing a wireless lighting controls solution with IIoT applications can be easily implemented, managed and scaled, without disrupting a factory’s day-to-day operations.

Gain practical insight and understanding about IIoT trends that can empower you to ask the right questions when evaluating and selecting a smart lighting solution for your commercial and industrial related lighting controls projects. Tour participants will walk away with a more tangible and concrete understanding of the IIoT’s abstract ideas and how these ideas are creating competitive advantages and energy efficient, futuristic factories. All you have to do is register for this event and we will take it from there. Safety gear is provided. The Synapse Wireless facility tour is open to General Members only. 

Tour Location:

Amerex Corporation
7595 Gadsden Highway
Trussville, AL 35173