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Picture of the productRecommended Practice for Lighting Maintenance

This Recommended Practice examines common lighting maintenance procedures and the central components of an effective planned maintenance program. Specifically, it describes:

· typical lighting system behavior, identifying those light loss factors that can be addressed by maintenance;

· maintenance approaches that can optimize lighting system performance;

· ways in which designers should address maintenance;

· typical maintenance techniques, equipment and operations;

· proper disposal of spent components; and

· troubleshooting system problems.

Lighting designers and specifiers can use this Recommended Practice to design lighting systems that will be easy to maintain and optimize energy efficiency and maintenance based on good maintenance practices and careful product selection. They will also be able to recommend good maintenance practices. Facility owners and managers can use it to develop a maintenance plan and properly maintain their lighting systems to ensure their investment in light performs in accordance with requirements far into the future. Other electrical and lighting professionals can use the Recommend Practice in the roles they play in recommending, specifying, installing, commissioning and maintaining lighting systems.

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