Learn About NALMCO Members

Recently, NALMCO completed our 60th Anniversary member survey. As a result, we know more about NALMCO members than ever before. For example, did you know that combined in 2012, NALMCO general members reduced energy consumption by more than 2.54 Billion kWh?

And that’s just the beginning.

To learn more, read the article about the survey’s results LM&M magazine.

Industry News

NALMCO CLMC's Recommended by NREDC for EPAct Certification

"NREDC respectfully requests that NALMCO/CLMC certification be considered one way of demonstrating that an individual is qualified to make certifications that qualify his/her clients for the lighting systems component of the commercial buildings tax deduction for energy efficient buildings."  Read entire request here.

PEERS Alliance

PEERS, the Program for Energy Efficiency Through Responsible Stimulus, is a grassroots initiative that seeks matching government funds for existing state and utility energy efficiency rebates.

  1. Create Job Growth.
  2. Stimulate the Economy.
  3. Reduce Carbon Emissions.
  4. Create Energy Independence.

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