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Reach the people who buy $400 million in lighting products annually.

92% of NALMCO members tell us that Lighting Management & Maintenance (LM&M) and the NALMCO Membership Directory are valuable, go-to resources. With NALMCO General Members representing 4,300 energy efficient lighting professionals and purchasing $400 million in lighting products and equipment annually, the power and reach of your advertising dollars can have a significant return on investment.

LM&M is distributed to NALMCO General and Associate Members, government agencies, utilities, lighting institutes and energy and environmental organizations. The magazine is the only publication dedicated to lighting management and maintenance. 

The NALMCO Membership Directory, published annually, is another key resource for NALMCO members and a valuable advertising opportunity. Information listed in the directory includes member company headquarters, branch locations, and personnel contact information. 

Learn more about the power of NALMCO members, and find out how you can advertise in the NALMCO Media Kit.

Get face time with NALMCO members.

Increase your company’s visibility and show your support of NALMCO with an Annual Convention Sponsorship, or by exhibiting at the Annual Convention. The NALMCO Annual Convention and Trade Show attracts over 250 business owners, senior level management and lighting technicians. Sponsorship allows you to promote your company name, logo and website across a variety of platforms, and becoming an exhibitor offers direct interaction with members in the form of “speed dating” sessions, One-On-One Appointments, several planned evening receptions designed specifically for networking, and three days of trade show floor time. Learn more about participating in our next event!
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