Spring Seminar

Spring Seminar is an interactive two-day training seminar focused on lighting trends, lighting safety and maintenance, energy efficiency solutions, the future of lighting, lighting tools and other relevant industry topics. We offer 10 Learning Labs, TED-style sessions, taught by Associate Members at the forefront of lighting technology, and General Sessions focused on the future of lighting. The Spring Seminar is focused on technology and hands-on learning, and is ideal for technicians, sales representatives, and senior level managers.

What impact might these actions have in your business or for your customers?

  • Offer a higher level of service resulting in a better overall service experience.
  • Better knowledge can hopefully set my apart from my competition.
  • Helps to educate them on the technology shift that is happening now.
  • Close more business, or have a higher close rate on the same amount of proposals generated. 



NALMCO 2018 Spring Seminar
April 10–12, 2018
Omni Louisville Hotel
Louisville, Kentucky
Hosted by Altec Industries, Inc.