Certified Sustainable Lighting Consultant (CSLC)

NALMCO retired the Certified Sustainable Lighting Consultant (CSLC) certification program on December 31, 2017. The CSLC certification program, launched in 2010, was created to identify professionals who were equipped to create and maintain sustainable lighting systems that reduce environmental impact. Unlike other certifications that focus on overall building performance, the CSLC was the first professional certification to focus solely on sustainable lighting systems. In 2017, the CSLC course materials were incorporated into the Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC) certification program, creating a more comprehensive certified course for lighting management professionals.


To earn the CSLC certification, individuals first had to earn the Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC) certification. The CLMC certification is the industry’s oldest nationally recognized lighting certification program and is the first to be accepted by EPA’s ENERGY STAR®. 

Second, individuals completed an application to qualify their education and experience in the field of lighting management, including five or more years of field experience, continuing education, leadership roles in the lighting industry and an outline of personal contributions to the lighting industry.

Third, individuals prepared for and completed a two-hour exam that covered the following areas: terminology, manufacturing/transportation/packaging, life cycle costs, energy calculations, lumen delivery systems, control systems, productivity/tenant comfort, environmental/society impacts, light pollution and disposal/recycling.

Finally, certified individuals were required to maintain certification by earning 40 professional development hours every three years.  


Upon the retirement of the Certified Sustainable Lighting Consultant certification program, the following individuals were certified and in good-standing:

Brian Baker, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP
Jared Blackney, CLMC, CSLC
Randy Breske, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP
Mark Bryan, CLMC, CSLC
Dave Dornfeld, CLMC, CSLC
Erik Ennen, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP
Chris Frank, CLMC, CSLC
Justin Gonzalez, CLMC, CSLC
Ben Grothe, CLMC, CSLC
Fred Hauber, CLMC, CSLC, CLEP 
Jared Johnson, CLMC, CSLC, CLEP
Jeffery Kinney, CLMC, CSLC
Gary Krahn, CLMC, CSLC
C. Charles Occhino, CLMC, CSLC
Raymond Pustinger, CLMC, CSLC
William Sgro, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP