Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC)

The Certified Lighting Management Consultant® (CLMC®) program recognizes members of the lighting management industry who have demonstrated superior knowledge and technical expertise. Obtaining the CLMC certification is one of the industry’s greatest achievements. It is the oldest nationally-recognized lighting certification program in the nation, as well as the first to be accepted by EPA’s ENERGY STAR®

The CLMC Exam is a computer-based exam. Testing is offered at the NALMCO Spring Seminar, NALMCO Annual Convention, and at proctored testing locations throughout the U.S (please refer to the CLMC Candidate Handbook for testing locations).

The CLMC exam covers:
  • Characteristics and Proper Usage of Lamps
  • Characteristics and Proper Usage of Ballasts
  • Characteristics and Proper Usage of Fixtures and Controls
  • Lighting Layout Designs and Applications
  • Energy Conservation Issues as related to Lighting and Controls
  • Lighting Maintenance, Recycling and Disposal Practices 
  • Sustainable Lighting Practices


Candidate Handbook

Please use the CLMC Candidate Handbook to understand the process of application and registration. 

This Handbook covers:

  • Exam Prerequisites
  • Exam Fees
  • Administration and Registration Processes
  • Certification Renewal and Certification Retakes
  • Exam Outline and Sample Questions
  • Preparation Tips
  • Testing Locations
  • NALMCO Code of Ethics
  • CLMC Application


Exam Prerequisites

Professionals wishing to advance their career in the lighting management industry may consider sitting for the CLMC certification examination. Prerequisites for the examinations include:

  • A minimum of three (3) years performing in the capacity of a lighting management professional plus a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university OR a minimum of five (5) years performing in the capacity of a lighting management professional.
  • Experience in the lighting management industry in a position that directly affects the operation, modification, maintenance, or design of a lighting system.
  • Applicant must pledge in writing to adhere to the NALMCO Code of Ethics.
  • Applicant must earn a minimum of 200 points on the official application.
You must submit a completed CLMC application and submit payment to NALMCO Headquarters before you are eligible to sit for the exam. After your application has been processed, NALMCO will send you a notification of acceptance and a list of testing locations where you may schedule your exam. Alternatively, you may take the exam at the NALMCO Convention & Trade Show or NALMCO Spring Seminar. 

Preparing for the Exam

NALMCO offers in-person CLMC Content Review sessions twice a year, held in conjunction with the Spring Seminar and Annual Convention. The Content Review Sessions are taught by knowledgeable industry professionals. Each session is a two-hour formal presentation followed by a two-hour open study session. Participants may then take the exam on-site, or take the exam at a proctored testing location at a later time.

NAMCO encourages participants to use the NALMCO Knowledge Center NALMCO Knowledge Center to prepare as well.  

Registering for the Exam

  1. Review CLMC Candidate Handbook prior to scheduling your examination. 
  2. Complete the CLMC Application Form found in the handbook and pay your Application Fee. The Application form and Application Fee must be submitted to NALMCO Headquarters.
  3. Select the Content Review Session and/or proctored Exam you will attend.
  • March 3, 2020, Atlanta, Georgia (NALMCO 2020 Spring Seminar)
  • October 4, 2020, Glendale, Arizona (NALMCO 2021 Annual Convention & Trade Show)
  • March 2, 2021, Orlando, Florida (NALMCO 2021 Spring Seminar)
  • October 10, 2021, ChampionsGate, Florida (NALMCO 2021 Annual Convention & Trade Show)


The continuing education of lighting management consultants is essential to enable them to respond rapidly to the changing conditions and technology of the industry. To remain certified, a lighting management consultant must accumulate 40 professional development hours (CEUs) for each three-year period. Notification will be sent by USPS when it’s time to certify. The CLMC certification renewal is $300. Review the CLMC Renewal Form for current recertification requirements.

Track your certification renewal hours throughout your renewal cycle using the NALMCO Certification Renewal Credit Tracker.

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