CALT Study Course, Exam and Certification Fee
CALT Study Course, Exam and Certification Fee
This bundled price include registration to take the CALT examination, link to electonic version of "Lighten Up" workbook and three (3) year certification enrollment fee. NOTE: Each technician sitting for the exam must register individually. Exam information and training manuals are sent to the individual taking the exam. Technicians may Create an Account by clicking "Sign In," at the top and then "Create a new account."

If you forgot your Username or Password, click "Sign In" and "Forgot my password" or "my username." If the technician DOES NOT HAVE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THEIR CERTIFICATION RECORD, THE SYSTEM WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FIND THEM. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT FOR THE TECHNICIAN IF THEY ARE ALREADY CALT CERTIFIED. They will need to contact NALMCO Headquarters,, for login information.

You have six months from the time of registration to take the exam. The CALT Study Course, Exam and Certification Fees is non-transferrable from one technician to another once the course is purchased.

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